Occult mysteries of my creative mind

Most frequent questions and answers

》Glasswork with molten glass formed by blowing; with tools and hand movements. Glass is melted with a lamp or torch, primarily on a bench or another elevated surface.

》Carefully guiding a copper metal deposit on to a conductive surface such as glass. Usually placed with overlapping layers of liquid copper that harden in to a solid form.

》Copper is a great conductor of physical and metaphysical energy. Physically within the body; copper supports the blood, aids tissue repair, and increases vitality. Metaphysically; copper channels and grounds higher vibrational frequencies while enhancing the energy of stones. Copper supports Aether-electricity and Bio-electricity while also reinforcing the glass structure with a solid form.

》Earthly artifacts such as crystals and minerals stimulate the different energy centers associated with the human anatomy. They present an artistic representation of the alchemy incorporated in to the sculpture created.