Caleb Storm

A Creative Spark & Glass Work Beginnings

Born in 1982 on a stormy day in June, I was given the name Caleb Ryan Storm Dickman.  Mostly raised in Floyd, VA, I grew up surrounded by nature and creative people.  I am the middle child in a blended family of 7 children.  At times, this dynamic was challenging, but the bond I have now with both of my moms, both of my dads, all my siblings, and many nieces and nephews is invaluable!  My mother spent many years doing beadwork, and also owned and operated Seeds of Light retail shop for 25 years.  My father spent his career building houses.  These early experiences played a tremendous role in sparking my own creativity, and greatly influenced my artistic calling. 

In early 2000s, I began to follow a calling in glasswork.  While working in my mom’s retail shop in 2005, I crossed paths with an experienced glass artist, Kenan Tiemeyer.  My desire to develop my craft led me to a yearlong apprenticeship under Kenan’s guidance.  Today, he is still an admired mentor and life long friend.  After this learning opportunity, and a realization that my love for glasswork could also become a career, Liquid Fire Glass LLC was established.

Time for Change & Growth

After spending my entire life in Virginia, in 2008, I decided to move to Colorado to continue honing my glasswork skills in a place that offered more of a “counterculture scene”.  While there, I made many artistic connections and friendships that widened my professional and social network.  In my free time, I took advantage of the amazing music scene and spent lots of days snowboarding in the Colorado Rockies.  Music and snowboarding are personal interests of mine, but also serve as a source of artistic inspiration. 

During my time in Colorado, I discovered copper Electroforming.  This metal forming process expanded and solidified my unique vision and craftsmanship.  Electroforming allowed me to combine a deep-rooted love of crystals with my glasswork.  Melding earthly, organic objects onto glass achieves the dark crystal vibes my work often expresses.  As my time in Colorado came to an end Liquid Fire Glass was gaining recognition, and I began to closely identify with my artist name, Caleb Storm. 

Back to VA for New Beginnings

In 2015 I decided to move back east to Floyd, Virginia to be closer to family, but continued my creative pursuits and professional growth.  In 2018, my mentor, Kenan, and I combined forces to open a shop and studio in Floyd called, Blue Ridge Alchemy.

2022 began with a partnership coming to an end, and Liquid Fire Glass LLC opening its first brick and mortar store. My goal is to continue to evolve personally and mentally to spread light and love through my minds’ innovative treasures.  My hope is my work brings you happiness and offers endless wonder. 

LOVE and LIGHT – Caleb Storm

Favorite Quote by Bob Proctor

"We are only limited by weakness of attention and poverty of imagination"